Da Vinci Machines

Until 27 May 2018 

The Da Vinci Machines exhibition is relevant to all year levels (Prep to Year 12) and in several areas of learning.

History Curriculum

The exhibition is relevant to all year levels particularly in the following areas:


  • Pose questions about past and present objects, people, places and events


  • Compare objects from the past with those from the present and consider how places have changed over time
  • Analysing and researching primary sources and secondary sources

The exhibition specifically relates to following areas of history:

Year 2

  • How changing technology affected people’s lives (at home and in the ways they worked, travelled, communicated and played in the past) (ACHASSK046)

Year 7

  • The range of sources that can be used in an historical investigation, including archaeological and written sources (ACHASSK168)

Year 8

  • The emergence of ideas about the world and the place of people in it by the end of the period (such as the Renaissance, the Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment) (ACOKFH010)

Year 8 - Renaissance Italy (c.1400 – c.1600)

  • The way of life in Renaissance Italy (social, cultural, economic and political features) and the roles and relationships of different groups in society (ACDSEH010)
  • Significant developments and/or cultural achievements that reflect the concentration of wealth and power in the citystates, such as art and learning (ACDSEH056)
  • Relationships between rulers and ruled in ONE Italian citystate such as Florence or Naples (ACDSEH057)
  • The role and achievements of significant individuals such as Lucrezia Borgia, Galileo, Leonardo da Vinci, Niccolo Machiavelli (ACDSEH058)
  • The spread of Renaissance culture to the rest of Europe, and its legacy (ACDSEH059)

Other Subjects

STEM / STEAM – da Vinci is hailed as a champion of STEM / STEAM
Science – the following areas are discussed in all year levels:

  • Nature & development of Science
  • Science as a Human Endeavour
  • Science Inquiry Skills – particularly questioning, predicting, planning, communicating

Visual Arts – replicas of his famous art pieces are included in the exhibition
Design & Technologies – design thinking
Maths – ratio, proportion, symmetry, shape and scale drawings
English – visual literacy


All school visits must be pre-booked.

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